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EmZee - Tormentum EP

Audio preview

The story

In the shadowed realms of intense electronic music, where the darkness of soundscapes meets the adrenaline of the beat, EmZee emerges with a new auditory experience: the 'Tormentum EP.' This latest creation is a collaboration that sees EmZee joining forces with the enigmatic Bullet, bringing forth a fusion of haunting melodies and relentless rhythms.

The EP's artwork, a vista of nightmarish delight, sets the tone for what's to come. The cover is a masterpiece of terror, a landscape where the sky is torn asunder by jagged lightning, and the earth is a canvas of despair. Towering entities, their eyes glowing with malevolent fire, their mouths agape in silent screams, dominate the scene. Below them, silhouettes of the brave or the foolish-hard to tell-stand against this onslaught, their outlines stark against the blood-red backdrop.

Each track in the EP is a journey through this hellscape. The first, named after the EP itself, 'Tormentum,' is a pulsating ride that pulls the listener into the depths of their own fears, the beats a metaphor for the pounding of a heart racing to escape the inescapable.