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Hotbox EP

Audio preview

The story

In the shadowed alleyways of a dystopian metropolis, a legend brews in the undercurrent of the electronic music scene. The artist known as 'LED' has been crafting a sonic experience unlike any other, an EP titled 'Hotbox,' inspired by the very essence of the city's dark energy and relentless pulse.

The title track, 'Hotbox,' is an auditory journey through the smoky rooms and neon-lit streets where the rebels and the night owls thrive. The beats are thick with the weight of the city's humid air, punctuated by the sharp hiss of hi-hats like steam rising from the underground vents. Bass lines roll deep and heavy, echoing off the concrete walls, while synths slice through the haze with the precision of streetlights cutting through the fog.

'Dance With My Ghost' takes the listener deeper into the artist's psyche, where memories flicker like shadows against the backdrop of a relentless beat. It's a track that speaks to the phantoms of the past, inviting them to move in the dark, to the rhythm of loss and longing. The neurofunk elements twist and turn, creating a dance that's as much about forgetting as it is about remembering.

The EP's artwork, a fiery apparition against a backdrop of gothic architecture and swirling darkness, encapsulates the fierce soul of the music. The skull, alight with an inner inferno, symbolizes the raw, burning passion that 'LED' pours into his creations. The flickering flames mirror the flickering beats, a visual echo of the music's intensity.

As 'Hotbox EP' hits the airwaves, it becomes more than just music-it's a beacon for those who find beauty in the night, a signal to gather and embrace the heat of the moment. In the world of 'LED,' every track is an invitation to let go, to lose yourself in the depth of the bass and the complexity of the melodies. It's neurofunk with a heart of fire, music that doesn't just make you move-it makes you feel.