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Yehor Neurofunk Sample Pack + Serum Presets


We are beyond excited to announce a new offering that's going to elevate your music production journey! Dive deep into the sonic universe with the Yehor Neurofunk DNB Sample Pack – your gateway to producing mind-blowing Drum and Bass tracks.

🔥 What’s Inside?

Yehor, our talented and revered neurofunk artist, has meticulously crafted this pack, ensuring each sample radiates the pulsating energy and complexity of the neurofunk genre. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll unlock:

  • High-Energy Drum Loops: Infuse your tracks with the infectious rhythms that make DNB so addictive!
  • Bass That Roars: Experience ground-shaking basslines meticulously designed for that signature neurofunk growl.
  • Ethereal Synth Lines: Soar through atmospheric melodies and hypnotic sequences.
  • Pad Magic: Add the finishing touches with a collection of pads.

🎵 Elevate Your Productions

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting your DNB journey, Yehor’s Neurofunk Sample Pack is your key to creating tracks that resonate, inspire, and ignite dance floors!

🙏 Thank You!

Your support fuels our ability to collaborate with amazing artists like Yehor and bring you exclusive content. We can’t wait to hear the incredible tracks you create with this sample pack!

Feel the Rhythm, Ride the Bass, and Stay Inspired! 🎶