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In the heart of the city, nestled between shadowy alleyways, stands Club Labyrinth, a place where the night never ends and the music pulses like a living creature. Tonight, a unique energy fills the air, a mix of anticipation and something else… something darker. The reason? Asana's newest track, 'I Just Wanna Get Down,' is about to make its debut.

As the clock strikes midnight, the DJ, a figure cloaked in mystery, cues up the track. The opening beats of 'I Just Wanna Get Down' start to flow through the speakers, a seductive blend of deep bass and hypnotic rhythms. The crowd starts moving, each beat drawing them deeper into Asana's musical web.

But something strange begins to happen as the track plays on. The club's mirrors start to shimmer, reflecting not the joyous scene of the dancefloor, but shadowy figures twisting and turning in an eerie dance of their own. The club-goers, lost in the music, don't notice the gradual change, their bodies moving more wildly with each beat.

As the track reaches its crescendo, the air in Club Labyrinth thickens, the atmosphere charged with an electric, almost supernatural energy. It's as if the song itself is opening a doorway to another realm, a place where the spirits of past dancers come to relive their glory days.

The club-goers, now completely entranced, find themselves dancing not just with each other but with these ghostly figures. As they 'get down,' they feel a chilling touch, a whisper in their ear, a fleeting caress from hands not quite there.

As the track ends, a sudden stillness falls over Club Labyrinth. The dancers pause, looking around, the spell momentarily broken. They realize that for a few minutes, they were part of something otherworldly, something beyond the realms of normal music and dance.

'I Just Wanna Get Down' becomes an instant legend among the club's patrons, a track that did more than just make them dance-it transported them to a place where the barrier between the living and the dead blurred, all in the rhythm of Asana's haunting beats.

And as they leave the club, stepping out into the breaking dawn, each club-goer carries with them the echo of the track, a reminder of the night they danced with shadows, under the spell of Asana's music.

In a secluded corner of the city, amidst cobblestone streets and gothic spires, stood the dilapidated Etheridge Hall. A venue of grandeur in its prime, now a forgotten relic, echoing memories of symphonies past. But once a year, under the ethereal glow of the blue moon, Etheridge Hall lit up with the unmistakable thump of neurofunk beats, intertwining with classical symphonies.

Legend spoke of the Ghost Maestro, a prodigious conductor from centuries ago. Known for his avant-garde compositions, he vanished without a trace, leaving behind an unfinished masterpiece. Now, as a spectral presence, he returned annually, summoning the finest musicians from the afterlife to complete his 'Neurofunk Symphony.'

The ethereal musicians were a motley crew. The charismatic violinist, the elegant cellist, the wise pianist, and a chorus that sang notes of pure emotion. However, they all paled in the shadow of the Ghost Maestro, with his ornate ensemble and a presence that dominated the hall.

Enter Asana, a young and ambitious DJ from the world of the living. Intrigued by tales of the spectral concert, he sneaked into the Etheridge on the night of the blue moon, armed with his turntable and a love for neurofunk dnb.

As the first notes of the Ghost Maestro's symphony resonated, Asana felt an irresistible urge. He synced his beats to the haunting melodies, intertwining the past's grandeur with the future's pulse.

The result? A sonic experience like no other. The hall vibrated with energy as ghostly waltzes met electrifying drops, and spectral harmonies intertwined with edgy rhythms.

As dawn approached, the symphony reached its crescendo. Asana and the Ghost Maestro, two artists from different eras, shared a nod of mutual respect. The masterpiece was complete.

As the first rays of sunlight pierced the hall, the ethereal ensemble faded, leaving Asana alone, the reverberations of the 'Neurofunk Symphony' still echoing in his ears.

From that day, Etheridge Hall wasn't just a relic of the past but a beacon for all who believed in the timeless magic of music.

Dive into Asana's latest musical offering, the 'Ratatata EP'. With its blend of intricate melodies and contemporary rhythms, this EP is a testament to Asana's evolving sound, as well as the diverse tapestry of musical influences they continue to draw from. Tracklist: Ratatata feat. Yehor - Kicking off the EP is the title track 'Ratatata'. Featuring the raw talent of Yehor, this track is a harmonious fusion of both their musical styles. Its pulsating beats combined with captivating hooks make it a contagious anthem that you'll find hard to get out of your head. Jiri Kara Duranga Voe - Delving deeper, 'Jiri Kara Duranga Voe' showcases Asana's knack for creating hypnotic soundscapes. The song title, mysterious as the track itself, invites listeners into a trance-like state, where one can easily lose themselves in its undulating rhythms and ethereal vocals.

Introducing 'Asana' with their groundbreaking EP, 'From the Deeps' - a hypnotic journey into the abyss of neurofunk drum and bass. Unleashing four meticulously crafted tracks, this release will captivate your senses and transport you to an underwater realm filled with pulsating basslines, intricate drum patterns, and ethereal atmospheres.

Kicking off the EP, 'From The Deeps' instantly immerses you in the deep, with subaquatic soundscapes and swirling synths. As the tension builds, a powerful drop of razor-sharp beats and aggressive basslines takes over, reflecting the relentless power of the ocean's depths. Next up, 'Angry' dazzles with a mesmerizing fusion of delicate melodies, shimmering arpeggios, and electrifying bass stabs. This track's exquisite sound design and intricate drum patterns evoke the enchanting dance of light displayed by the ocean's most elusive creatures.

Finally, 'Racehorse' brings the EP to a close, providing a sense of resolution and rejuvenation. The track starts with a gentle, ambient intro before gradually building into a powerful crescendo of uplifting chords, soaring synths, and punchy drum breaks. As the tension dissipates, you're left floating back towards the surface, transformed by the immersive journey that 'Asana' has taken you on. 'From the Deeps' EP showcases 'Asana' at the cutting edge of neurofunk drum and bass, pushing boundaries with their innovative sound design and captivating storytelling. Submerge yourself in this breathtaking audio experience and explore the hidden depths of the sonic seascape. Available now on all major streaming platforms.

Warp Fa2e - Bubble Gun (Asana Remix): Reinventing the Beat

Release: Bubble Gun (Asana Remix) by Warp Fa2e

A Fresh Take on a Neurofunk Classic.

Experience the electrifying reinvention of Warp Fa2e's "Bubble Gun" as Asana infuses it with a new spirit in this stunning remix. Released under the DnBDoctor label, this track is a brilliant fusion of classic elements and innovative sounds, setting a new standard in the neurofunk genre.

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Listen, Feel, and Let the Rhythmic Journey of "Bubble Gun (Asana Remix)" Captivate Your Senses.