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Prepare for an interstellar journey like no other as DnB Doctor is thrilled to present 'Alien Dub EP' by the cutting-edge artist Raido. This mind-bending exploration into the far reaches of neurofunk drum and bass brings forth an uncharted territory of sonic experience, ensuring the ravers to be hooked right from the start. The EP encapsulates Raido's unorthodox blend of heavy basslines, intricate drum patterns, and other-worldly synth work. Built on a solid foundation of dark, guttural grooves, the 'Alien Dub EP' rockets listeners into a space where sound collides with emotion, resulting in a cosmic blend of beats that are both deeply hypnotic and primally satisfying.

Alien Dub - Setting the tone for the EP, 'Alien Dub' propels the listeners into the depth of the cosmos with its haunting atmospheres, punching drum patterns, and growling bass that feels as if it's been torn from the fabric of a distant nebula. Stompa - With 'Stompa', Raido plays with rhythm and tempo, delivering a pulsating exploration of fast breaks and deep, resonant bass. It's a track designed to ignite dancefloors and spark the imagination. Each track on the 'Alien Dub EP' holds its own identity, yet when pieced together, they form a seamless narrative that takes the listener on a trip across the galaxy and back. This EP is a testament to Raido's ability to create multifaceted neurofunk that is deeply atmospheric, technically impressive, and consistently dancefloor-friendly. Get ready to tune into the universal language of rhythm and bass with the 'Alien Dub EP'.