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In the shadowed realms of a medieval world, a thrilling narrative unfolds, set to the pulse-pounding beats of Yehor's neuro drum and bass release, the 'Gunshot EP.' This compelling collection, featuring the tracks 'Gunshot' and 'Burning Down Phase,' weaves a dark and mystic story, where the past and the supernatural collide.

'Gunshot' resonates with the tale of a relentless witch hunter, moving through a fog-shrouded forest under a crescent moon. The track builds with unyielding energy, mimicking the hunter's determined pace as he tracks his elusive quarry, guided only by the whispers of the wind and the distant echo of a mysterious gunshot. The rhythm is rapid and intense, a reflection of the hunter's heart racing with a mix of fear and excitement, as he navigates through ancient trees and overgrown pathways, the air thick with ancient magic and unseen dangers.

'Burning Down Phase' shifts to the aftermath of the hunt, where the remains of a once-potent coven smolder under the starlit sky. This track is rich with the sounds of a world recovering from turmoil, its rhythms echoing the crackle of fire consuming timeworn scrolls and arcane relics. There's a sense of an era ending, and a new one beginning, as the melody weaves through the remnants of power and the resilience of a world constantly reborn from its ashes. Together, these tracks form the 'Gunshot EP,' a testament to Yehor's skill in crafting a sonic journey through time and mysticism. It's a saga set to music, where each beat and note brings to life the shadowy world of medieval witch hunters and their timeless battle against the forces of darkness.

In the depths of the night, the city's underground clubs pulse with an energy unknown to the daylight dwellers. It's here that Yehor, a maestro of shadowy beats, unleashes his latest creation—the 'Freaky EP'. As the moon reaches its zenith, the first track, "Freaky", begins to play, its haunting melodies seeping into the walls and floors of the club. The crowd moves as one, entranced, their shadows twisting with each pulsating bassline and futuristic synth.

But tonight, the music holds a darker secret. With each track, Yehor weaves a spell, the intricate rhythms not just moving bodies but stirring something ancient in the air. "Become The Right" escalates the enchantment, its ethereal pads lifting the crowd into a hypnotic state, the razor-sharp beats slicing through the veil between worlds.

As "Right Now" throbs through the speakers, nostalgia grips the hearts of the listeners—a longing for days past, combined with the thrill of the neurofunk future. Unbeknownst to them, the music is a key, unlocking doors to dimensions where the beats are not just heard but felt, seen, and lived.

Finally, "Protector" roars to life, its growling basslines invoking the club's guardian spirits. The relentless drums are not just a rhythm but a warning—a call to arms for the protectors of the night. As the EP reaches its climax, the dancefloor becomes a battleground, each drop a clash, each break a chance to breathe before the next assault.

The 'Freaky EP' is not just a collection of tracks; it's a sonic odyssey that tests the limits of reality. Yehor is not just a producer; he's a conjurer, and his EP is a spellbook, each track a chapter that dares the listener to dive deeper into the neurofunk abyss. Those who emerge on the other side are forever changed, their ears attuned to the frequencies of the otherworldly, their bodies marked by the rhythms of the night.

And as dawn approaches and the last beats fade away, the club-goers are left with the echoing question: was it just music, or something much more freaky?

Introducing 'Dollar Game EP' by Yehor: A Neurofunk Drum and Bass Journey Prepare to embark on an electrifying sonic expedition as Yehor presents 'Dollar Game EP,' a stunning release that pushes the boundaries of Neurofunk Drum and Bass. Immerse yourself in a collection of two meticulously crafted tracks, 'Dollar Game' and 'Haters Full of Jealousy,' that will ignite your senses and take you on a wild musical ride. 'Dollar Game': Step into the heart-pounding intensity of 'Dollar Game,' where Yehor's masterful production skills shine. Get ready to be engulfed by a relentless assault of intricate drum patterns, bone-rattling basslines, and hypnotic atmospheres.

With its pulsating energy and intricate sound design, 'Dollar Game' sets the stage for an exhilarating journey through the depths of Neurofunk. 'Haters Full of Jealousy': Unleashing a torrent of raw power, 'Haters Full of Jealousy' immerses you in a dark and brooding atmosphere from the very first beat. Yehor's expertly crafted basslines and meticulously programmed drums work in perfect harmony, delivering a fierce and unforgiving assault on your eardrums. Brace yourself for a relentless onslaught of high-octane energy that will leave you craving more.

'Dollar Game EP' is an exceptional release that showcases Yehor's profound understanding of Neurofunk Drum and Bass. With its intricate soundscapes, meticulous attention to detail, and relentless energy, this EP is a testament to the artist's dedication to the genre. Immerse yourself in the world of Yehor and prepare to have your senses pushed to their limits with this captivating musical journey.

Prepare to be blown away by the electrifying new release from rising Drum and Bass talent, Yehor - the 'Never EP.' This groundbreaking collection of tracks showcases Yehor's unique take on the Neurofunk subgenre, delivering a relentless, high-energy listening experience that is perfect for fans of fast, rhythmic, and hard-hitting sounds. The 'Never EP' is a two-track journey through pulsating basslines, intricate drum patterns, and adrenaline-pumping synth work, all expertly crafted to keep you moving and grooving. Yehor's innovative approach to production pushes the boundaries of Neurofunk, creating a sonic landscape that is as dynamic as it is immersive.



Help Me

From the breakneck pace of the opening track, 'Never,' this EP never loses its momentum. Finally, 'Help Me' wraps up the experience with an intense crescendo that leaves you hungry for more. Yehor's 'Never EP' is a must-have for any Drum and Bass enthusiast looking for a fresh, powerful, and unforgettable listening experience. Whether you're hitting the dancefloor or fueling your workout, the 'Never EP' is guaranteed to keep your heart racing and your feet moving. Get ready to embrace the future of Neurofunk - download or stream Yehor's 'Never EP' on your favorite digital store today!

Yehor - Hold Me EP: The Soul of Neurofunk

Release: Hold Me EP by Yehor

Embrace the Deep and Dynamic World of Yehor with the 'Hold Me EP'.

Yehor, a visionary in the realm of drum and bass, presents his latest creation, the "Hold Me EP". Released under the DnBDoctor label, this EP is a captivating blend of emotion and energy, showcasing Yehor's unique approach to neurofunk.

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Explore, Feel, and Move with the Rhythmic Tales of 'Hold Me EP' by Yehor.