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Prescribing Sonic Euphoria




Unleashing electrifying beats and basslines
for a high-octane Drum and Bass experience. Get your dose today!

What is neurofunk?

Neurofunk is a subgenre of drum and bass music. Emerging in the late 1990s, it is distinguished by its rhythmic complexity, heavy basslines, and futuristic, often science fiction-inspired atmosphere. It evolved from techstep, another subgenre of drum and bass, but is characterized by more intricate sound design and a deeper focus on texture and mood.

The sound is typically sharp and edgy, often incorporating synthetic textures and effects that create a sense of futuristic technology or cybernetic themes. Producers in this genre pay great attention to the sound design of their basslines, which are often heavily processed and modulated to create a distinctive "neuro" sound.

Neurofunk often incorporates elements from other electronic genres, such as techno and dubstep, which contributes to its diverse and evolving sound. It's known for its dark, atmospheric, and sometimes ominous tones, which are supported by fast breakbeats and complex, layered synth sounds.

Key figures in the development and popularization of neurofunk include artists like Ed Rush, Optical, Noisia, and Phace. These artists and others have been instrumental in shaping the sound and feel of the genre, pushing its boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.

About us

Introducing "DnB Doctor" – a cutting-edge record label devoted to the exhilarating world of Drum and Bass. Our mission is to nurture, promote, and unleash the most innovative and electrifying sounds from both emerging and established artists within the Neurofunk scene.

At DnB Doctor, we pride ourselves on curating an exceptional selection of high-energy, bass-driven tracks that blend intricate drum patterns, futuristic synths, and powerful melodies. Our releases are carefully crafted to take listeners on a sonic journey, transporting them to uncharted territories of the Drum and Bass universe.

As passionate advocates of the Neurofunk movement, we are committed to fostering a thriving community of like-minded enthusiasts. Our label is a space where creativity flourishes, and where artists and fans can connect, collaborate, and celebrate the genre's ever-evolving landscape.

Join us on this exhilarating adventure, and let DnB Doctor be your prescription for the most potent, pulse-pounding Neurofunk Drum and Bass. Together, we'll keep the basslines rolling and the beats dropping, one track at a time.

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Neurofunk - DnB Doctor - Get Your Drum and Bass Treatment

DnB Doctor is neurofunk drum and bass label. Unleashing electrifying beats and basslines.

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