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Asana - From The Deeps

Audio preview

The story

Introducing 'Asana' with their groundbreaking EP, 'From the Deeps' - a hypnotic journey into the abyss of neurofunk drum and bass. Unleashing four meticulously crafted tracks, this release will captivate your senses and transport you to an underwater realm filled with pulsating basslines, intricate drum patterns, and ethereal atmospheres.

Kicking off the EP, 'From The Deeps' instantly immerses you in the deep, with subaquatic soundscapes and swirling synths. As the tension builds, a powerful drop of razor-sharp beats and aggressive basslines takes over, reflecting the relentless power of the ocean's depths. Next up, 'Angry' dazzles with a mesmerizing fusion of delicate melodies, shimmering arpeggios, and electrifying bass stabs. This track's exquisite sound design and intricate drum patterns evoke the enchanting dance of light displayed by the ocean's most elusive creatures.

Finally, 'Racehorse' brings the EP to a close, providing a sense of resolution and rejuvenation. The track starts with a gentle, ambient intro before gradually building into a powerful crescendo of uplifting chords, soaring synths, and punchy drum breaks. As the tension dissipates, you're left floating back towards the surface, transformed by the immersive journey that 'Asana' has taken you on. 'From the Deeps' EP showcases 'Asana' at the cutting edge of neurofunk drum and bass, pushing boundaries with their innovative sound design and captivating storytelling. Submerge yourself in this breathtaking audio experience and explore the hidden depths of the sonic seascape. Available now on all major streaming platforms.