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Asana ft. Yehor - Ratatata

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The story

Dive into Asana's latest musical offering, the 'Ratatata EP'. With its blend of intricate melodies and contemporary rhythms, this EP is a testament to Asana's evolving sound, as well as the diverse tapestry of musical influences they continue to draw from. Tracklist: Ratatata feat. Yehor - Kicking off the EP is the title track 'Ratatata'. Featuring the raw talent of Yehor, this track is a harmonious fusion of both their musical styles. Its pulsating beats combined with captivating hooks make it a contagious anthem that you'll find hard to get out of your head. Jiri Kara Duranga Voe - Delving deeper, 'Jiri Kara Duranga Voe' showcases Asana's knack for creating hypnotic soundscapes. The song title, mysterious as the track itself, invites listeners into a trance-like state, where one can easily lose themselves in its undulating rhythms and ethereal vocals.