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EmZee - Deja Vu

Audio preview

The story

In the shadowy corners of an abandoned urban landscape, the air pulsates with an ominous energy, setting the stage for EmZee's latest neurofunk drum and bass release, 'Deja Vu.' The tale unfolds under a moonless sky, where the relentless beat of the city's heart merges with EmZee's electrifying rhythms.

Our protagonist, a seasoned DJ known as The Conductor, discovers a mysterious vinyl record in an old, forgotten record shop. The label is worn, but the words 'Deja Vu - EmZee' are just legible. Intrigued, he takes the record to his underground club, a haven for the city's nocturnal souls.

As the needle drops, the club is s enveloped in a surge of energy. The track is an intricate labyrinth of bass and beats, weaving through the crowd like a serpent. The Conductor feels an eerie sense of familiarity, as if he's lived this moment before. The music intensifies, and with each pulse, the club-goers find themselves trapped in a cycle of repeating moments.

Amidst the chaos, The Conductor glimpses a shadowy figure moving through the crowd, its movements synchronized with the track's haunting melody. This figure, known only as Echo, is a legend among the underground scene, said to appear only when a track resonates with the hidden truths of the universe.

As 'Deja Vu' reaches its climax, The Conductor and Echo lock eyes. In that instant, time seems to fracture, revealing glimpses of past, present, and future, all colliding in the rhythm of the track. The club-goers are left questioning the nature of reality, wondering if they are merely pawns in a cosmic dance orchestrated by forces beyond their understanding.

The track ends abruptly, leaving a lingering silence. The Conductor lifts the needle, but the echo of 'Deja Vu' reverberates in the minds of all who heard it. As they leave the club, each person carries a piece of the mystery with them, forever changed by EmZee's sinister symphony.

And so, 'Deja Vu' becomes an urban legend, a track that blurs the line between music and magic, leaving all who experience it questioning the very fabric of their reality.