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Warp Fa2e - Bubble Gun (Asana Remix)

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The story

Warp Fa2e - Bubble Gun (Asana Remix): Reinventing the Beat

Release: Bubble Gun (Asana Remix) by Warp Fa2e

A Fresh Take on a Neurofunk Classic.

Experience the electrifying reinvention of Warp Fa2e's "Bubble Gun" as Asana infuses it with a new spirit in this stunning remix. Released under the DnBDoctor label, this track is a brilliant fusion of classic elements and innovative sounds, setting a new standard in the neurofunk genre.

About the Remix:

  • Original Track: "Bubble Gun" by Warp Fa2e
  • Remix Artist: Asana
  • Genre: Neurofunk Drum and Bass
  • Release Date: 21.4.2023

Dive into the Remix:

  • Asana takes "Bubble Gun" and elevates it with their unique flair, maintaining the core essence of the original while introducing fresh, dynamic elements.
  • The remix features intricate beat patterns, layered with deep, resonant basslines and a captivating melody that weaves through the track, offering a mesmerizing auditory experience.
  • Perfect for both intense listening sessions and energetic dance floors, this remix is a testament to Asana's skill and creativity.

For the Fans:

  • Whether you're a long-time follower of Warp Fa2e or a newcomer to the neurofunk scene, "Bubble Gun (Asana Remix)" is a must-listen. It's a track that celebrates the diversity and evolution of drum and bass.

Available Formats:

  • Digital Download
  • Streaming on all platforms

Get Your Copy:

  • Immerse yourself in the innovative world of neurofunk with "Bubble Gun (Asana Remix)" by Warp Fa2e. Available now in our Shop for purchase and streaming.

Embrace the Evolution of Sound:

  • This remix is not just a track; it's a journey. It represents the ever-progressing nature of neurofunk and the creative possibilities within the genre.

Listen, Feel, and Let the Rhythmic Journey of "Bubble Gun (Asana Remix)" Captivate Your Senses.