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Yehor - Freaky EP

Audio preview

The story

In the depths of the night, the city's underground clubs pulse with an energy unknown to the daylight dwellers. It's here that Yehor, a maestro of shadowy beats, unleashes his latest creation—the 'Freaky EP'. As the moon reaches its zenith, the first track, "Freaky", begins to play, its haunting melodies seeping into the walls and floors of the club. The crowd moves as one, entranced, their shadows twisting with each pulsating bassline and futuristic synth.

But tonight, the music holds a darker secret. With each track, Yehor weaves a spell, the intricate rhythms not just moving bodies but stirring something ancient in the air. "Become The Right" escalates the enchantment, its ethereal pads lifting the crowd into a hypnotic state, the razor-sharp beats slicing through the veil between worlds.

As "Right Now" throbs through the speakers, nostalgia grips the hearts of the listeners—a longing for days past, combined with the thrill of the neurofunk future. Unbeknownst to them, the music is a key, unlocking doors to dimensions where the beats are not just heard but felt, seen, and lived.

Finally, "Protector" roars to life, its growling basslines invoking the club's guardian spirits. The relentless drums are not just a rhythm but a warning—a call to arms for the protectors of the night. As the EP reaches its climax, the dancefloor becomes a battleground, each drop a clash, each break a chance to breathe before the next assault.

The 'Freaky EP' is not just a collection of tracks; it's a sonic odyssey that tests the limits of reality. Yehor is not just a producer; he's a conjurer, and his EP is a spellbook, each track a chapter that dares the listener to dive deeper into the neurofunk abyss. Those who emerge on the other side are forever changed, their ears attuned to the frequencies of the otherworldly, their bodies marked by the rhythms of the night.

And as dawn approaches and the last beats fade away, the club-goers are left with the echoing question: was it just music, or something much more freaky?