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Yehor - Gunshot EP

Audio preview

The story

In the shadowed realms of a medieval world, a thrilling narrative unfolds, set to the pulse-pounding beats of Yehor's neuro drum and bass release, the 'Gunshot EP.' This compelling collection, featuring the tracks 'Gunshot' and 'Burning Down Phase,' weaves a dark and mystic story, where the past and the supernatural collide.

'Gunshot' resonates with the tale of a relentless witch hunter, moving through a fog-shrouded forest under a crescent moon. The track builds with unyielding energy, mimicking the hunter's determined pace as he tracks his elusive quarry, guided only by the whispers of the wind and the distant echo of a mysterious gunshot. The rhythm is rapid and intense, a reflection of the hunter's heart racing with a mix of fear and excitement, as he navigates through ancient trees and overgrown pathways, the air thick with ancient magic and unseen dangers.

'Burning Down Phase' shifts to the aftermath of the hunt, where the remains of a once-potent coven smolder under the starlit sky. This track is rich with the sounds of a world recovering from turmoil, its rhythms echoing the crackle of fire consuming timeworn scrolls and arcane relics. There's a sense of an era ending, and a new one beginning, as the melody weaves through the remnants of power and the resilience of a world constantly reborn from its ashes. Together, these tracks form the 'Gunshot EP,' a testament to Yehor's skill in crafting a sonic journey through time and mysticism. It's a saga set to music, where each beat and note brings to life the shadowy world of medieval witch hunters and their timeless battle against the forces of darkness.